Sine Die – 2019 Georgia Legislative Wrap-Up

Georgia’s legislative session wrapped up on April 2, 2019. Only a few property tax bills made it through the 2019 session. Below is a summary of the significant property tax measures that are heading for Governor Kemp’s desk:

  • HB 183: This bill provides that a taxpayer’s failure to file a real property return does not affect a taxpayer’s right to appeal the assessment value of that property.

  • HB 405: The Freeport exemption exempts qualified goods held in inventory during the process of manufacturing. This bill expands the Freeport exemption to goods held by affiliates of the manufacturer/taxpayer and to inventory in the process of remanufacture (including the repair or modification of goods produced by the taxpayer)

  • HB 507: This bill changes language as it relates to the tax assessors application of the income approach to valuation by replacing ‘the income approach “shall be utilized” with “shall be considered.”

  • SB 216: This bill permits taxpayers to prepay annual property taxes when there is an agreement and resolution by the local governing authority and tax commissioner allowing prepayment.

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