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Sorenson Law handles all aspects of property tax matters including property tax returns, exemption consultation and applications, administrative appeals, settlement conferences, mediation, and litigation. We strategize with our clients to maximizing tax savings over the long run.

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From administrative appeals to court room litigation, Sorenson Law handles property tax appeals for all types of properties including residential homes, retail, office, multi-family, warehouses, manufacturing, agricultural, and timber properties.

Residential Property Tax

Each home is different. We consider your home’s grade, condition, age and renovations to evaluate comparable sales and ensure fairness and uniformity of value.

Industrial Property Tax

From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, we analyze property characteristics and market sector data to determine the lowest defensible value.

Commercial Property Tax

Commercial property, including office, retail, and multifamily properties, is analyzed for it specific characteristics, income potential, and market trends when reviewing valuations.

Property Tax Exemptions

We advise clients on strategies for property tax reduction beyond just appeals of assessment values, including homestead exemptions, charitable and religious exemptions, and conservation use valuation assessment (CUVA) covenants.

Why Sorenson Law

Sorenson Law represents Georgia property owners in property tax matters. Each client receives an individualized approach with tax savings and long-term strategy in mind. Our holistic approach and ability to handle cases from administrative appeals to courtroom litigation sets us apart from our competition. We are committed to providing clients with expert advice and guidance on complex property tax issues in an effective and efficient manner.

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