Legislative Update – Property tax cap bills and others survive Crossover Day

February 28 was the 28th day of the Georgia legislative session, known as Crossover Day. A number of property tax bills survived Crossover Day by passing either the House or Senate. Links to the current versions of each bill appear in blue in the summaries below:

Caps on Municipal Taxes. Several bills would implement an annual cap on increases of municipal taxes for homestead property, including taxes in the cities of Roswell, Milton, Alpharetta, Mountain Park, Johns Creek, and Atlanta. Another bill would implement a cap on Fulton County school taxes for homestead property. If the bills pass successfully through the legislature and are signed by the Governor, each would require a voter referendum in November. 

DOR Takes Over Timber Valuation. HB 85 moves the process of timber valuation and appeals from a function performed by each county to the statewide Department of Revenue. The change requires the passage of a Constitutional amendment

Taxpayer Friendly Changes in the Appeal Process. HB 374 contains a number of changes that benefit taxpayers, including imposing stricter deadlines on tax assessors during the appeal process, lowering the threshold for hearing officers appeals, and giving taxpayers longer to appeal to superior court.

In addition, the legislature is considering bills that expand the Freeport exemption on manufactured goods and allow non-profits to own property in CUVA.

I will continue to monitor the progress of property tax legislation and how it will benefit property owners. 

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