Georgia’s 2019 Property Tax Season Underway

Georgia property owners receive a property tax assessment notice each spring, notifying them of the assessment value of their property and an opportunity to appeal the valuation. The deadline for an appeal is 45 days after the assessment notice is issued and is printed on the top right of each notice. Because the deadline is different for each county (and can be different for properties within the county), it is crucial that property owners review their assessment notice promptly and consider whether an appeal is necessary.

Here’s an example of some of the questions that I am asked this time of year:

Property Owner: “My taxes increased by 30%! How do I appeal my taxes?”

Attorney Sorenson: You cannot appeal your taxes, but you can appeal the assessment value. In most cases, lowering the value will lower the taxes.

Property Owner: “My value went up 15%. Is that typical? Is there a cap for how much the value can increase?”

Attorney Sorenson: There is no typical increase. The Tax Assessors are responsible for determining the fair market value of each property – in other words, what the property would sell for on the open market. The amount of increase in the value may depend on the real estate market for your area. There is no cap on how much the value can increase annually.

Find more answers to property tax FAQs on my website, or call me at 404-507-6388 for a free 15 minute consult to discuss your property and options for an appeal.

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