Fulton Co. Prevails in Mandamus Case Against DOR

A judge has ordered the Georgia Department of Revenue to approve Fulton County’s 2017 digest values. The decision comes after tension over the Fulton County Board of Tax Assessors’ decision to cancel higher residential assessment values in 2017 and reissue notices at the 2016 values.

For Fulton County taxpayers, this means the lower 2017 values will stand and no new tax bills for 2017 will be issued.

Read more here: AJC article, “Fulton prevails on tax case, a win for property owners”, December 14, 2018

**UPDATE** 1/16/2019 – The Department of Revenue has appealed the Superior Court’s decision to the Court of Appeals. Read more here: AJC Article, “As 300,000 Fulton property owners wait, state appeals in tax fight”

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