COVID-19: Impacts on Georgia’s Property Tax System

As national and statewide emergencies are declared, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Georgia’s property tax system in a few ways:

  • Georgia courts have postponed most non-emergency civil matters for 30 days (until mid- April). Property tax appeals that are pending in Superior Court will likely be delayed.

  • Most board of Equalization offices have closed. Hearings scheduled during this time will be rescheduled.

  • Some tax assessors offices are closed to the public.

Contact your local county tax assessors or board of equalization office for closures and rescheduled hearings.

Currently, April 1 is still the deadline for Homestead exemption applications and returns for real and personal property. Some counties accept electronic filings. Others may need to be mailed in (tip: use certified mail for proof of timely delivery!)

2020 notices of assessment are typically mailed out between early April and late June. It is not known yet if the public health emergency will impact notice issue dates.

Sorenson Law continues to work with clients on various property tax issues during this time. Phone and video consults are available.

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